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Our History

Our history begins when the A. J. Martineau Funeral Parlor became Martineau-Bacon in 1916 (our records date from that time). In 1946, Delphis Bacon moved the operation to our present location at 71 Prospect St., located in the historic hill section of Victorian Willimantic.

Mr. Bacon refurbished the beautiful home of William Morrison, and began to build a business based on personal and caring service.

In 1970, we, the Charron family, took over the firm and continue to serve area families.


In 2019, the Charron family transferred ownership to John A. Adamcewicz, who will continue to uphold Bacon's tradition of providing personal and caring service to area families.




Local History





This stained glass window hangs in the "Middle Room" of the Bacon
Funeral Home, referencing the longstanding history of Willimantic, CT.

The "Battle of Frog Pond", essentially, was an incident around the time of the French and Indian War (1754-1763) in which the citizens, after a long night of drinking, heard a tremendous racket outside. Assuming the worst, they grabbed their arms, they proceeded to fire into the night, until the noises stopped.

Congratulating each other on a job well done, they went to sleep, only to discover the next morning that the Willimantic River had dried up, sending a vast army of bullfrogs in search of water in which to spawn. Thus, the citizens were confronted with a field full of dead frogs, and the legend was born. The story is apocryphal, and most likely well embellished by local color. Nevertheless, the town has recently erected a Frog Bridge to commemorate the incident, featuring frogs atop spools of thread.

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